Mid-MEAC is partnering with MSU, Meridian Township, local businesses and neighbors to create a low-maintenance rain garden in the roundabout at the intersection of Burcham and Park Lake Road. The voice of one person catalyzed this project and momentum is growing. Join us in supporting this water quality protection project. […]

Volunteer: Hidden River Rain Garden

Don’t miss the next Land Use Lunch on Friday, May 6, 2016, from 12 noon to 1 p.m. Our speaker will be Ingham County Drain Commissioner Patrick E. Lindemann. We will hear about the plan to create a miraculous water-cleaning park and building complex on and near the Montgomery Drain, […]

Land Use Lunch May 6

image - honey bee
At this Friday’s Land Use, Dr. Walter Pett, of MSU Extension, will give an overview of a honey bee colony and talk about some of the issues currently worrying beekeepers. Dr Pett has is an assistant professor of entomology and the Apiculture and Pollination expert at MSU Extension. Land Use lunches,sponsored and organized by MidMEAC, are held […]

Land Use Lunch Feb 5th – Honey Bees!

Theresa Lark has been named Executive Director of the Mid-Michigan Environmental Action Council (Mid-MEAC). Ms. Lark brings more than 25 years of experience in managing organizational development, executive development and strategic communications for nonprofit and other organizations. “We are excited to have Theresa taking the reins at Mid-MEAC,” said board […]

Mid-MEAC Names New Executive Director