All Things Considered features interview – “Many wild bee species are in widespread decline worldwide due to multiple interacting factors.  Habitat loss, parasites and disease, pesticide use and climate change have all been blamed.  Urbanization contributes to habitat loss, and that trend is expected to accelerate in coming decades.”

Impacts of Urbanization on Wild Bees

“Lansing was chosen as a 2018 Hot Spot and will receive focused, onsite training next week with the Leave No Trace traveling trainers,” says Natalie Molnar of Live Green Lansing. Leave No Trace (LNT) is a non profit organization supported by Subaru. LNT is leading an international effort to teach […]

Leave No Trace Training June 14, 5p-8p

A Letter From MidMichigan Environmental Action Council download pdf The Lansing community is having an important conversation about energy. What will usage be in the next five-ten-20 years? What role can energy waste reduction have in shaping our needs? Why not just go 100% renewable, already? That last question is […]

Energy in MidMichigan

MidMichigan Environmental Action Council and the Sierra Club are partnering on a grant-funded project to create new pollinator habitat. We will also engage residents in discussions about pollinator-safe chemical use and plant choices. Let us know if you want to be involved!

MidMEAC and Sierra Club Team Up on Pollinator Habitat Protection

MidMEAC is proud to partner with the Ingham County Drain Commissioner on the Montgomery Drain retrofit.  The Council will focus on community outreach and education related to flood prevention and clean water. Click for video preview of the project.

Preview the Montgomery Drain

MidMEAC’s Dave Dempsey Distinguished Service Award was bestowed on long-time environmental activist Anne Woiwode. Ms. Woiwode has devoted nearly four decades of her personal and professional life to environmental advocacy and preservation. Among her accomplishments, Anne helped lead a ten-year battle to protect 90,000 acres of old growth forest, lakes […]

MidMEAC Honors Sierra Club’s Anne Woiwode

Michigan’s 11,000 inland lakes are incredibly diverse and vary in depth, productivity, thermal stratification, oxygen, alkalinity, shoreline armoring, docks, woody habitat, housing density and other characteristics. MDNR has developed an online interactive map to help those interested in learning more about lake habitats. Find it here.

MDNR Inland Lake Habitat Map

Friday, November 4th at 12:00 pm. Join us in MEC’s Conference Room at 602 W. Ionia St, Lansing, MI 48933. Featured Speaker: Marie Donigan, former State Representative. highway-constructionDonigan served three terms in the Michigan House of Representatives where she focused on the development of good transportation policy. She formed and […]

Land Use Lecture Nov 4: Marie Donigan Talks Transportation

Mid-MEAC is partnering with MSU, Meridian Township, local businesses and neighbors to create a low-maintenance rain garden in the roundabout at the intersection of Burcham and Park Lake Road. The voice of one person catalyzed this project and momentum is growing. Join us in supporting this water quality protection project. […]

Volunteer: Hidden River Rain Garden