Internship Positions

Community Events (1 position)

The Community Events Intern will recruit volunteers and help coordinate a number of community events, including Recycle Rama and the Tri-County Environmental Leadership Awards. The intern will also assist with community outreach at local events.

Fundraising & Event Planning (2 positions)

Interns will work with the Fund Development Committee to implement and organize fundraising events. Work with the Executive Director to track donations, edit annual appeal letter, update fundraising materials and send acknowledgements.

Non-Profit Administrative Management (1 position)

Work closely with the Executive Director on daily operations, requires discretion and strong communications skills. Responsible for managing files (online/paper), updating website and managing multiple event calendars.

Social Media & Communications (1 position)

Work closely with the Executive Director on promoting Mid-MEAC events and issues through a variety of channels including Facebook, Twitter and Google +.  Intern will also learn how to use WordPress and will be responsible for updating websites.

Volunteer Stream Monitoring (1 position)

The Mid-Michigan Environmental Action Council conducts macroinvertebrate sampling of the Red Cedar Watershed. The Volunteer Stream Monitoring (VSM) Intern will work closely with the VSM Coordinator to recruit and engage volunteers to conduct macroinvertebrate monitoring in the Red Cedar Watershed. Intern will also conduct monitoring, train volunteers and assist in capturing and uploading data.

Walkable, Bikeable Communities (Smart Commute/Valet Bicycle Parking) (2 positions)

The Walkable, Bikeable Communities intern(s) will engage community groups, employers and neighborhoods in a friendly competition for the Smart Commute Challenge. We’re encouraging people to walk, bike, telecommute, paddle, ride share or ride the bus instead of one vehicle/one occupant for a two-week competition. Interns will be responsible for identifying donors and sponsors while promoting the upcoming challenge. Interns need to be comfortable with public speaking, presenting to small groups, making visits and calls to potential partners and with using different forms of transportation.

Additionally, the intern will schedule and staff Mid-MEAC’s Valet Bicycle Parking Program at events throughout the Tri-County Region. Responsibilities include communicating with event organizers to ensure proper equipment and space is provided for Valet Bicycle Parking and will organize volunteers to staff the valet for the entirety of the events.

Internship by Design

Mid-MEAC will design internships for classes and individuals who are interested in working on one or more projects/programs. If you would like to discuss an internship, please contact Theresa Lark at 517.292.3078.

To Apply submit a cover letter and resume to Theresa Lark at