Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors Program

If you are passionate about your environment and community, being a Student Ambassador for the Mid-Michigan Environmental Action Council is a great opportunity for you! We are seeking students and student organizations who have goals and initiatives that directly align with ours.

Each student ambassador will be given a unique space to discuss environmental issues which will empower and inform the student population. We look for positive leaders in the community who would be willing to take the role of leadership to the next level not only to enhance your leadership skills, but also to enhance your network.

Some of those goals are:

Build a strong bond with environmental community and stakeholders

Translate environmental concerns into action by providing education, advocacy, volunteer, and internship opportunities.

Empower students by giving them practical environmental knowledge regarding river protection, land use, sustainability, and green transportation.

Attend quarterly check-in meetings to assess the progress of the Student Ambassadors

Become knowledgeable of the goals at the Mid-Michigan Environmental Action Council and be able to communicate those goals to the student population

Some of the projects we are involved in include:

Smart Commute: Smart Commute is a free program designed to help you reduce your carbon footprint, increase physical activity and engage in some friendly competition. Smart commuting saves energy, reduces traffic flow, improves air quality and makes our region a better place to walk, bike, live and breathe!

Valet Bicycle Parking: Mid-MEAC and our partners host Valet Bicycle Parking at Festivals and Events throughout the year, primarily in the warm weather months. Our general schedule runs from May – September but we’re always happy to work with community groups to provide bicycle parking at any event.

Recycle Rama: Recycle Rama is organized by the Regional Recycling Coordinating Committee (R2C2) as part of their mission to generate awareness and inspire action around resource recovery issues in the Greater Lansing/Tri-County area. Mid-MEAC coordinates the volunteers for this important community event, held in April each year. Mid-MEAC also helps manage the social media for Recycle Rama as part of our overall commitment to sustainability in the region!

These are just a few of all the great things we have going on at the Mid-Michigan Environmental Action Council. If you are interested in this opportunity please contact our Executive Director, Theresa Lark at or (517) 292-3078 to schedule a meeting.